"Goulet Associates were highly responsive, easy to deal with and very sensitive of my client's time. As well, both claims were "Accepted as Filed" by CRA. I highly recommend Goulet Associates to clients looking to file an easy, headache-free SR&ED claim." 

David Sinn, External Accoutant to Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.

"Their expertise has been integral to our tax planning  with exceptional service and better value than the competition - we recommend Goulet Associates to our clinician/ scientist clients."

September 2009, M.W., CA

".....will continue to send you clients - since all the ones I have sent are extremely pleased with the service."

April 2010, J.F., CA             

The Advantages of our Process

We provide monthly tracking updates from time of filing until tax credit dollars are deposited. The review process can be visible.

Coordinating with clients and accountants to create forward looking strategies to maximize net benefits from SR&ED funds. Goulet Associates participates in strategy discussions about how SR&ED rebates offset net cost of scientific investigation and improve after-tax position of our clients.

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Goulet Associates are serious about cooperating with our clients' accountants.

  • We prepare SR&ED claims every day, and many accountants do not. So, on a daily basis we act as a resource for accountants and our mutual clients.
  • We love working with accountants who want to see their clients get maximum benefit, while minimizing associated effort and costs in this specialized area. 

Goulet Associates begin by identifying the scientific aspects of our clients' claims supported by science documents. This leads naturally to allowable costs supported by accounting records. We collaborate with client's bookkeepers and accountants to support the claimed costs and to complete all claim materials.

We use the Accountant's tax preparation software package to minimize effort and produce clean tax returns. Complex issues such as Associated companies, business limits, specified employees, accrued wages, taxable benefits, overheads, and taxation of ITCs are all addressed in detail.

Our collaborative approach to completing the T661, S60, and provincial ITC schedules ensure:

  • minimum new work and time lost.
  • accountant remains in control.
  • adherence to CRA preferred "best practices" for SR&ED entries. 
  • improved handling of SR&ED adjustments and T2 carry-forward balances.
  • reduced accounting costs.

Cooperative Resource to Accountants

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