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Goulet Process

We begin with a no-obligation consultation:

  • Qualify you, our new client, as an eligible claimant, and ensure that optimal organization structures are in place.
  • Identify and qualify all projects at the initiation of each project to capture all relevant project information and maximize your legitimate claim.
  • Provide easy-to-use on-line templates for time tracking, involving minimal intrusion into usual daily activities, and available 24/7 to accommodate busy schedules.
  • Supply a simple list of required financial information assist clients and their accountants to compile costs, and involve clients to set early SR&ED & T2 completion timelines, ensuring and enhancing short-term cash flow.
  • Coordinate with external accountant/ tax professionals to effect the speedy and smooth recovery of SR&ED refunds. 
  • Prepare all CRA SR&ED tax forms and schedules as necessary, utilizing one of Canada's top tax software programs. 
  • Send out monthly SR&Ed claim tracking updates, keeping our clients abreast of their claim's progress through CRA.
  • Expedite SR&ED claims if in review and champion their defence as necessary. 

The Goulet Proven 4 Step Process

1) Assemble Claim(s)

  • Identify the technology field and  corresponding SR&ED section for claims
  • Attribute costs associated to activities completed under research
  • Compile supporting documents for each activity to aid with the SR&ED claim

2) Quality Check & File

  • We will work with your accountant to ensure financial records are consistent and correctly reported
  • Confirm SR&ED pre-tax claim value
  • QC and file your SR&ED claim with CRA

3) Track

  • Track claim(s) through the CRA process (receiving documents, appraisal of documents, decision, and if required, review stage
  • Updates are provided monthly to our clients, keeping them informed throughout the process

4) CRA Assessment & Refund

  • Ensure claimant satisfaction throughout the claim period
  • Plan the next SR&ED claim keeping in touch with the client and informing the client as to which documentation is required
  • By providing Goulet Associates with a referral, our clients are provided a credit

Contact us now to begin a free, no-obligation consultation.