“Goulet Associates saved our million dollar claim, and we are continuing our investment in hydrogen technology.”

Richard Hopp, HTEC Hydrogen Technology & Energy Corp.

“Goulet Associates are exceptional consultants. They understand the challenges in our industry and have been key in ensuring our continued success. They are diligent, knowledgeable and professional. It is a pleasure to work with Goulet Associates in every aspect.”

Shauna Caldeira, enGenic Communications Solutions Corp.

“Goulet Associates were highly responsive, easy to deal with and very sensitive of my client’s time. As well, both claims were “Accepted as Filed” by CRA. I would highly recommend Goulet Associates to others looking to file an easy, headache-free SR&ED claim."

David Slinn, External Accountant to Selkirk Remote Sensing Ltd.

“We are very impressed with the level of service from the Goulet Associates team. They helped us through an unfamiliar claim process, expedited complex technology and taxation issues without being pushy. Their professionalism and expertise produced results beyond our initial expectations. Best of all, we received two large cheques in a surprisingly short time. It has been a great pleasure to work with them. We’re telling our friends!”

ChiChi Liu, Burli Software Inc.

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Funding Technology Research

Technology research and development in a wide range of activities qualifies for SR&ED funds, including:

  • Creation of new or improved processes
  • Development of specialized software
  • Invention and development of devices
  • Fundamental science, publications, and patents

Innovation in products or processes is the key to Canada’s SR&ED incentive program. Most technology companies perform qualifying activities, and in many cases claims can be substantial, thus consistently reducing your costs.   Contact us now to find out how your competitors are lowering their development costs with SR&ED dollars.   SR&ED claims can be easy and efficient. Let our experienced associates do the work, while you focus on your core business activities. Our streamlined systems simplify the SR&ED process and minimize your time investment – we are paid only on results.   In addition to deep SR&ED expertise, our team has many years of experience in a broad range of technologies. We work closely with your accounting and R&D people to ensure only a high quality claim is submitted in a timely fashion. 
The Goulet process has been refined to:
  • Reduce distractions and load on your team
  • Maximize your claim amount
  • Minimize the risk of a CRA SR&ED review
  • Minimize the risk of a downwardly-adjusted claim
  • Calculate the value of your claim

We achieve high client satisfaction and retention by recognizing “unseen” claims, sending monthly tracking reports and offering competitive fees from the outset.

Technology Company SR&ED FAQ

Why shouldn’t we do our own SR&ED claims – we’re clever and already know how our own business works?
Answer: You know all about your technology and accounting but it is unlikely you are familiar with the path to a successful SR&ED claim. The criteria for submitting an “Accepted As Filed” SR&ED claim is extensive and can be fraught with many unseen and protracted loopholes. The criteria for each company is different too. For your company to figure out how to navigate this path to a speedy and maximized SR&ED claim would be time-consuming and a big distraction from your core business focus. Relying on a SR&ED expert gets your claims done faster, more accurately and with a lower risk of a CRA review and subsequent downward adjustments. If your claim does go to review, Goulet Associates champions the claim and works to keep your accounting and R&D people’s involvement to a minimum.
How will I save money?

a) eliminate part-time in-house SR&ED person;

b) less R&D personnel time wasted, since we know the right questions to ask;

c) less accounting work;

d) refund cheque arrives sooner.
What will it cost me?
Answer: Our fees are competitive and typically calculated as a percentage of your SR&ED refund. We are proud of the value of our service and confident of your repeat business. And of course, will not file any claim we do not believe will be 100% successful.

When do I pay you?
Answer: We are paid on a contingency basis, so you pay us only after you get your refund.

General FAQ.