Medical SR&ED FAQ

Can a Department structure involving pooled revenues and group responsibilities be eligible for SR&ED?

Having a complicated corporate structure simply means you need a SR&ED expert. Upon review, we are often able to define or, if necessary, create the financial ‘path’ to your SR&ED expenses and thus, make your company SR&ED eligible.
My company and I do R & D, however, our efforts are paid from various
sources such as universities, pharmaceutical companies, government grants/ subsidies and the like; is my company SR&ED eligible if they are involved?

Having external sponsors pay for R&D does not necessarily exempt you from being SR&ED eligible. Being clear about financial structures uncovers opportunities and avoids “double-dip” issues.
Do I need to have a professional corporation in order to be eligible for SR&ED refunds?
In most cases individual doctors make claims based on wages paid by their professional corporations. The SR&ED claims are made by the professional corporation and not the individual.

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Funding Medical Researchers

Medical research and development in a wide range of scientific activities qualifies for SR&ED funds:

  • Development of treatment protocols and therapies.
  • Clinical trials of drugs and devices.
  • Invention and development of medical devices.
  • Fundamental science.

Medical researchers with clinical revenue in a professional corporation can significantly increase their income with the SR&ED program.

Contact us now to find out how your colleagues are claiming SR&ED refunds, some going on to their 6th and 7th year.
SR&ED claims can be easy and efficient. Let our experienced associates do the work, while you focus on clinical activities and research.  Our streamlined systems simplify the SR&ED process and minimize your time investment – we are paid only on results.
We are recognized experts at recovering SR&ED funds for clinical scientists. Goulet Associates assist physicians and their accountants to build advantageous tax strategies. We have completed over 135 SR&ED claims for medical professionals, totalling over $6 million in refund cheques.

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